World Class

Team STOBOR (#684) was a rookie team for the World Class 2014-15 Season.

Team# 684 for World Class 2014-15

Team# 684 for World Class 2014-15

During our 2013-2014 World Class Season Team STOBOR was founded. Our coach Mr. Sambasiva Andaluri (or Sam Uncle like we call him) got together 5 kids (from left to right Nishanth, Davesh, Akhil, Krish and Timothy) to make a FLL team. Our meetings started in June and we met every Sunday for 2 hours. We were all rookies so we all learned and did everything we could to be better at robotics. August 25,2014 was the time the rules and instructions for the board was released. We were all pumped as difficult, yet interesting challenges awaited us. We first started by doing the robot game which seemed like a good idea. Then we found ourselves going in a loop because the program and robot was changing over and over. During Thanksgiving weekend, we got together to complete our project. Our project topic, we decided, was Game Based Learning. So we used Scratch to make a element based game (see below for a link to this game). We then got back to the robotic game more determined and tougher than ever.

We made a robot that had all 4 sensors, had a attachable and detachable arm, and even rigs to align our robot in position for the rounds. Our robot design was complete so now we could return to the challenges without repeating previous steps. Despite all the good news, there was something wrong about this situation. The thing was we had spent so much time worrying about the robot, we didn’t have enough time to program the robot. We did some programming in the last minute, which helped in the practice tournament. From there on out we barely did anything. We either would get a good run or fail miserably. Basically, we weren’t consistent. Just like tomorrow the competition came fast. Besides the robot game the only thing we did is a skit and a poster board. We had a chance to be in the qualifying but very little.

Finally, competition day comes. We are all so psyched and also realized that this was the point of the whole season. First we went to the project room. We felt like the judge felt happy after showing her our game. Next was the robot game round 1. We got a score of 60 which we thought was not too bad. We were in fourth on the leaderboard. Next was our robot game 2. We got 80 points which was the best we knew. After that we went to the design  room where we did ok. Our robot did not do its best, it did not even solve a challenge. Next was our last robot game where we got 15 points and lost 80 to penalties.  The teamwork challenge was next. In this room we failed to complete the given task but successfully made the judges impressed. Last was the apprentice round where we worked together with another team. We were all right 100 points altogether. Even though we did not advance we got the Rising Star Award.

We learned a lot about robotics, the rules, and our teammates. We had a fun but had an educational year. We all learned something new. For robotics we learned that:

Great robot + poor strategy == inconsistent scores

Fair robot + good strategy == consistent scores

For the rules we learned that the judges get rubrics so this year we will study and memorize the rubric. And we all learned something new about our teammates. We had a great year and loved it all the way through.

If you want to do really important things in life and big things in life, you can’t do anything by yourself. And your best teams are your friends and your siblings. by Deepak Chopra

Our project topic was Game Based Learning, we wrote a game in Scratch called PeriodicMan. You can find the game here: