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Our topic for last year was Learning at home using Virtual Reality. We did lot of brain storming, research and came up with two ideas, Google Card board and Leap Motion. All of the team members liked these two concepts. We learnt a lot about using these two applications. We explored geometry, biology, geography and other subjects using these two applications.  Our motto for last year was “being there without being there”. We put this on our T-shirts and many people liked this and said it was very cool. We had participated in two team events for Jr FLL , one was local in Mineola and other one was a national event at St. Louis, MO. We won prizes at each of these events. After the national event we also did presentations in our schools. Doing research we learned lot of stuff. It was fun with the team members; we also got to know each other well. Jr. FLL was a great learning experience with fun.