My Project Presentation Experience

Hello my name is Anvit and this is my second year of robotics. Every year, teams needs to work on a project about that year’s theme and present it . Last year’s theme was “Animal Allies”. In my opinion, the project is as important as building the robot because we get to learn new stuff about that year’s theme. This was also a great opportunity to work with my teammates.

On the day of the qualifier round, our team got the first opportunity to present our project idea to judges. While we were waiting to go into the judging room, I was repeating my lines over and over in my head. When I entered the room to present our project for the first time I was extremely nervous. I started our team’s presentation. I was very relieved after I was done saying my lines. After all of us said our lines the judges started to ask questions. Some of the questions were easy, but most of them were hard. All of us felt that that we did a good job.

We went on to the championship round after passing the qualifier round. This time, I was not as nervous about the presentation as the last round. I was not repeating my lines as many times. While we were waiting to present, I thought the judges would ask the same types of questions, but I was wrong. Some of the questions were so hard that I had to think a lot about them before answering. I don’t know about anybody else, but I was very exhausted after we were done.

After the championship round was over, I learned that I should not give up on anything even when I am very scared and nervous.