Core Values

Team STOBOR adheres strictly to the Core Values.  The Core Values, which we consider a part of our team STOBOR, are “We are a team”, “We are kind and courteous to all” and “We have FUN!”. When I say that we are a team, I don’t just mean that we are a group of kids doing robotics. I mean we do everything together, starting from taking decisions for our project, to programming the robot.

Next, our team competes a lot, no doubt, but we are always kind and courteous to other teams. FIRST LEGO League arranges ‘Alliance Rounds’ in the competition to show this Core Value. An Alliance Round is the act of two different teams working together to run the robot.

We always have fun and show enthusiasm in every step we take as a team. Without this Core Value, we wouldn’t be successful because happiness shows that you are ready to learn more and are excited to see what this amazing experience holds onto for you.

With this said, we know that what we discover is more important than what we win. We use all these Core Values outside of robotics too. For us, the greatest award we could wish for is knowledge. The Core Values are split into 4 main points as per FIRST LEGO League: Discovery, Integration, Inclusion and Coopertition.

Discovery is what we learn as we research our project topic.

Integration is how we incorporated the Core Values into our daily lives, like how we used them at school, home, and other classes or competitions.

Inclusion is how we made the Core Values matter and how we used then in our team.

Coopertition is “cooperation” and “competition” put into one word. This means we compete while being kind and cooperating with other teams.

We will put all this together in our Core Values Board.

The Core Values are important because they help a team stay a team!