Jr. FLL World Championship in St. Louis 2014

I participate in an activity called Jr. First Lego League. This is a fun and educational activity for ages 6 and up. In robotic workshops you learn many things such as the world around you, technology, teamwork, and core values. We went to St. Louis, Missouri for our world championship we got invited out of many teams to go. Our experience at St. Louis was fun. We visited many places such as the St. Louis Arch, we got to go up the arch by elevator and back down by that too. We also visited some museums and watched a movie on some science. Our actual tournament was the most fun we got to meet new people from all over the world and made some new friends. We got some pretty cool souvenirs too. This season was probably the most memorable for most of us on the team because this was also our first season doing robotics and were all young kids. I recommend this activity to kids who love S.T.E.M.