My first FLL robotics practice tournament

It was Sunday the 3’rd of December 2017, and I woke up very early for the FLL Robotics practice tournament. I wore the T-shirt that we had designed. We arrived at  7:30 a.m.  The person making the announcements said that there were 235 teams on Long Island this year and 25 teams were there that morning.

We looked at the schedule and saw that my team was going at 9:30am. There were 4 rounds and we had to decide who was going which round, so we did blind voting. Our team scores were 70, then 90, after that 85 and 115 in the last round.

It was my first time being in a team with so many people. I felt excited because it was my first time being on a team, competing with so many people. I felt calm because I saw other people doing it and I thought I could do it too.

I learned what the real tournament might look like. I also learned that you should never give up, because I thought that we were going to score very low, but I was totally wrong. We ended up scoring second highest out of twenty five teams.