Welcome to Team STOBOR!

We are a team that participates in Robotics competitions, primarily in US First events in Long Island, NY. We currently have two teams, one with children from 4th till 8th grade, competes in FLL (Team# 684) and another with children from 8th till 12th grade, competes in FTC (Team#11088). We also participated in Jr. FLL (Team# 126) for 2 seasons. However, we stopped participating in Jr. FLL as all of our children were graduated to FLL.

Our team was started by Sambasiva Andaluri and Sarada Pisipaty, to promote STEM learning among children. In addition to coaching children for US First competitions, our coaches also conduct workshops  / seminars at home on various topics that support or enhance children’s learning in STEM areas. Team STOBOR is also an approved Mozilla Club dedicated to teach children on web technologies and responsible web surfing.

Our team name is STOBOR which is ROBOTS spelled backwards. Children in our team came up with this name during our FLL rookie season (2014). Several people complemented about our choice of team name. Ever since we continue to use this name for our team.